A Little About Us

Some Background

Early in 2021, The Lockdown Lounge team combined our existing individual digital media businesses to create a single banner for our musician & artist-based media services – LDL Media & Design.

Following in the same footsteps as The Lockdown Lounge, the primary mission of LDL Media & Design is to provide services specific to Musicians and Artists, benefiting them by providing services that, help them build, boost, and promote their brand in a simple, accessible and affordable manner.

One of the major projects that we are launching is a unified Merch store. Unlike existing merch solutions out there for bands, this store has a few major key features that benefit both artists and fans.

Benefits of LDLMerch vs Traditional Methods

Everything Under one Roof

With the objective to get as many local bands on board as possible, a major benefit of this will be that it’s  a single point of access for punters and fans to find merch for their favourite local acts.  At the moment, to buy local band merch you need to either buy it at shows or individually from each band’s website (or 3rd party provider – usually overseas).  This means registering on each site separately, paying exorbitant shipping costs per order (per  band) and in most cases it’s just too difficult so people don’t bother.

Fans/customers on the LDLMerch store only require to register once, can shop multiple artists in a single order (ie. only pay for shipping once), have confidence that the merch is fulfilled locally with local and direct support contacts.

Artists also benefit from being in a shared store in several ways.  First, because the infrastructure is centrally run and managed, we’re able to onboard artists at no cost to them (yes, artists sign up for FREE!).  By sharing the store with other acts, there’s also a higher chance of fans “stumbling upon” their act and merch = more sales.

Future expansion: As the store grows, we have plans to implement features on the site such as “More artists like this” and “Recommended artists” for fans, which will suggest bands to fans based on bands they are currently fans of. 

All Under One Roof

No stock orders required

For artists, one of the most painful parts of going down the merch path is buying and keeping stock on hand. Usually this is due to printing companies requiring a minimum order (eg. 20+ shirts) which, by the time you have a few designs in a few sizes, ends up becoming a large order and costing the artist a heap of $$$, only for it to sit in a box in someone’s garage for months, years and deteriorate.

Luckily the primary method we use on LDLMerch is print-on-demand, which means you literally need to hold no stock at all. When customers place an order, it gets sent to our warehouse (usually in Brisbane or Melbourne) where it is printed, packed, and shipped straight away.

Of course we also have options for artists who want to bulk-purchase stock (at a bulk discount price), but for smaller artists, there’s now a solution to have merch, and quite literally have to outlay nothing at all to get up and running.

Locally sourced and fulfilled

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the merch we provide is locally sourced and fulfilled.

Our suppliers have a network of warehouses worldwide, however primarily all merch will be fulfilled in either the Brisbane or Melbourne warehouses. Some exceptions do apply, and it does depend on stock levels, but these are noted on the specific products on the website.

This helps ensure that products are fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner, it also helps us keep the shipping costs down by keeping it local.

API / External Connectivity

We’re working hard to finalize the API on the backend of the site, this means that artists will be able to connect their store sections to their Facebook and Instagram pages as a Facebook/Instagram shops, also allows connectivity to external websites, allowing artists to create a “store” on their website which is powered by our store.

laptop with facebook website on table with macarons, coffee and sale tags in cafe